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Funding the Future

Numbers, figures and latest project information: The Review of Activities of the International Climate Initiative 2008-2014 provides a comprehensive overview of its successes of recent years in the context of climate and biodiversity protection.

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Energy Focus at IKI

The production and consumption of energy is responsible for two-thirds of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

This makes the development of a sustainable energy sector crucial in order to effectively mitigate climate change.

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Time for decisions now

The impacts of climate change destroy people's livelihoods and homes. They damage our infrastructure and disrupt communication and trade. Moreover, climate change is endangering development successes and the poor and marginalized are often affected the most.

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IKI in practise

Mountain ecosystems of Nepal in a changing climate

IKI-project "EbA Flagship Programme: Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Mountain Ecosystems" promotes women's livelihoods through broom grass cultivation in the Nepal Himalayas.



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German - Chinese Urbanisation Partnership

Federal Minister Hendricks was in China for Urbanisation Partnership kick off and attended annual meeting of Environment and Development Council.


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New Indian Resource Panel contributes to Climate Protection

Established with support from the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the Indian Resource Panel (InRP) is getting straight to work on promoting resource efficiency and recycling.


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"Bumblebee" uses sun to cool buildings

From this year on, the German Jordan University (GJU) uses sun to cool its buildings: the bright yellow absorption chiller's name is "Bumblebee".


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Waterbirds and climate change adaptation

Federal Ministry for the Environment promotes protection of migratory waterbirds and their habitats.


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Workshops on Administrative and Financial Management: IKI offers workshops for grant recipients.


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Funding the Future

'Funding the Future' talks about the successful work of BMUB's IKI. It offers project partners from different countries a platform to talk about how they contribute.



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TV Reports Global Nature

In the furthest reaches of the Tian Shan mountain-range, water is becoming scarce. Little is left of the once mighty glaciers thanks to rising temperatures.

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Dr. Niklas Höhne from NewClimate Institute

IKI talks

selection procedure 2016

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) principally selects projects for IKI funding through a call for proposals. 

The deadline for the 2016 selection procedure was 1 June 2015 (24:00 CET). Project outlines received after the deadline cannot be considered.

More information on the project selection
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