The International Climate Initiative


Workshop participants exchange ideas on a pin board

Learning from one another – across borders

A project funded by BMUB shared its experience in implementing safeguards in REDD+ projects.

Small green frog

Biodiversity essential for sustainable development

Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity: Conserving biological diversity essential for sustainable development

Four people in front of a solar car

Driving using solar energy

An IKI project provided support for training activities and the practical application of renewable energies in Costa Rica. Students applied what they learned to build a car that runs using photovoltaic power.

Red blossom of a heliconia

Global biodiversity conference in South Korea

Global biodiversity conference in South Korea reviews progress made in the fight to conserve biological diversity

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Gardener in Mexico City

film reports global ideas

For over two decades, Mexico City has battled to combat air pollution with a slew of measures. And they're paying off as old exhaust-belching vehicles are phased out and the megacity becomes greener.

IKI selection procedure 2015

The deadline for the selection process was 25 June (24:00 CET). We are currently evaluating all project outlines received before the deadline. 

More information on the project selection