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Making climate finance transparent

A series of events organised by Transparency International examined approaches to fighting corruption in climate finance.

Positive effects of REDD+ for people and the natural world

In March, scientists from around the world gathered in Berlin to discuss the challenges and potential solutions surrounding sustainable land use. The REDD+ Policy Assessment Center also participated in the event.

German Federal Environment Ministry continues climate partnership with China

China has long been one of Germany's key partners for promoting climate change mitigation. IKI is therefore dedicating additional funding to continue a project that provides support to the bilateral climate working group of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission and BMUB.

Children and birds walking through the garbage exhibited on the ground of a river with low water.

Climate Change is a key challenge for society

The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the far-reaching impacts of progressing climate change on people and nature.

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Destroyed landscape after typhoon

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The Philippine island of Panay is dotted with little forest land. Typhoon Haiyan has changed that: now, trees are planted to protect humans and nature against storms.

IKI selection procedure 2014

An invitation to take part in the next IKI ideas competition is planned for spring 2014. The call for proposals will be announced on the IKI website.

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