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Gerodetes Waldgebiet in Brasilien

Introducing new software for forest monitoring

The Open Foris initiative was presented for the first time at the IUFRO World Congress. Its open-source tools for forest monitoring can be accessed worldwide for free.

Red blossom with white style

Closing date for IKI photo competition extended!

The IKI photo competition "effects" will be extended until mid-December

Three indigenous women looking at potatoes destroyed by frost

Partnership for climate insurance in Peru

A new public-private partnership between the Peruvian government, agricultural businesses and the insurance industry will protect farmers from the effects of climate change.

Eclipse, Swipe & Avonni – the three singers of the song 'Can't do this alone'

A song against climate change

'Can’t do this alone' - Eclipse, Swipe & Avonni, three young men from Grenada – sing to raise awareness of the effects of climate change. An IKI project produced a music video of the song and is using it in an information campaign.

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An elephant taking a bath in a water hole

Biological Diversity

Learn more about the support of the German Federal Environment Ministry for protecting biological diversity. This film describes the challenges and presents some solutions.

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Gardener in Mexico City

film reports global ideas

For over two decades, Mexico City has battled to combat air pollution with a slew of measures. And they're paying off as old exhaust-belching vehicles are phased out and the megacity becomes greener.



IKI selection procedure 2015

The deadline for the selection process was 25 June (24:00 CET). We are currently evaluating all project outlines received before the deadline. 

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