The International Climate Initiative


Red blossom of a heliconia

Global biodiversity conference in South Korea

Global biodiversity conference in South Korea reviews progress made in the fight to conserve biological diversity

Transfer of German environmental technology

An IKI project supports private sector technology transfer to introduce and disseminate innovative climate protection technologies. In early September an innovative biogas plant was inaugurated in Brazil.

Grasland with trees

Distribution of global grassland ecosystems

An IKI project is preparing the first map of the geographical distribution of 49 different types of grassland around the world. This will serve as a fundamental basis for their conservation.

River bifurcation in the forest

Climate Summit - new initiatives to protect forests

The German Government is supporting the implementation of the "New York Declaration on Forests" with a new financial commitment to protecting tropical forests.

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Gardener in Mexico City

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For over two decades, Mexico City has battled to combat air pollution with a slew of measures. And they're paying off as old exhaust-belching vehicles are phased out and the megacity becomes greener.

IKI selection procedure 2015

The deadline for the selection process was 25 June (24:00 CET). We are currently evaluating all project outlines received before the deadline. 

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