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Current IKI selection procedure: India

The IKI selection procedure for country specific programme outlines for India is open for application. Programme outlines can be submitted until 4 November 2019 through the IKI online platform.



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The red muntjac. While it is not threatened – the IUCN Red List categorizes it as a “least-concern species” – it helped save tigers in Laos; Photo: ©Flickr/Tontan Travel

5 tricks to make biodiversity stick

Get to know how to make biodiversity stick with 5 simple tricks!



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Chili production, but in a biodiversity-friendly way?

IKI project 'Private Business Action for Biodiversity' shows in its latest manual how that can be done!



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Mangroves in Mexico; Photo: Deutsche Welle

Mexico: Coastal protection, Aztec-style

Learn here why Mexicans turn to ancient Aztec floating gardens to revive mangrove forests!



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Currently, the selection procedure for country specific programme oulines for India is open for application. Programme ideas can be submitted until 4 November 2019, 24 hrs (CET). More info...

Multimedia Documentary

This multimedia pageflow not only follows Dora's life, it also delves into the consequences of deforestation and the resulting dangers for orangutans.

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Video: 10 Years IKI (2018)

See in this video, how since 2008 IKI has been working on fostering climate protection and measures for adapting to climate change in collaboration with developing and emerging countries, as well as to sustainably manage forests and enhance forest carbon stocks (REDD+) and to preserve biodiversity.