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Climate Kids Adventures

The Caribbean book series 'Climate Kids Adventures' aims to engage children in climate change awareness by communicating in a fun and understandable way.



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Photo: Michael Hüttner/ IKI


Incentives to save the forest

A briefing by the „Unlocking Forest Finance“ project informs about financial instruments, which can drive sustainable land use and reduce tropical deforestation.



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Photos (clockwise): N. Gorißen/BMUB; FAO/ S. Elliott; M. Hüttner; IM Editores

Current IKI selection procedure

Project outlines for the 2018 selection procedure can be submitted up to 12 October 2017 through the IKI online platform.


Projects/programmes should be scheduled to start at the end of 2018 at the earliest.



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A platform to halt deforestation in Colombia

A Dialogue and Information Platform supports the implementation of the Colombian "Amazon Vision". Juan Pablo Castro explains how it works.



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Photo: Katja Döhne


Climate-friendly coffee farming in Costa Rica

With climate-friendly farming methods, Costa Rica’s coffee producers shall contribute to the country’s ambitious climate targets.



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International Climate Initiative

Since 2008, the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) has been financing climate and biodiversity projects in developing and newly industrialised countries, as well as countries in transition.




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Photos (clockwise): N. Gorißen/BMUB; FAO/ S. Elliott; M. Hüttner; IM Editores

Selection Procedure 2018

The 2018 selection procedure has begun.

The deadline for the 2018 selection procedure is October 12,  2017 (24:00 CET). Project outlines received after the deadline cannot be considered.

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