Selfie for Biodiversity

The PAME project celebrated the International Day for Biodiversity and awarded the winner of this year’s “Selfie for Biodiversity” contest. Following the theme “Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism”, participants contributed creative photos and related stories that show efforts in protecting biodiversity through sustainable tourism.

News on Biodiversity Day
Women in Ghana take an interested look at several flipchart papers pinned to a wall

Online Story

Natural Infrastructure Solutions in the Volta Basin

The IKI project WISE-UP develops water infrastructure solutions from ecosystem services for climate change adaptation and sustainable development in the Volta and Tana Basins.

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International Climate Initiative

Since 2008, the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) has been financing climate and biodiversity projects in developing and newly industrialised countries, as well as countries in transition.

Coral reefs are a very important part of our first line of defense on our coast lines. Photo: © Nick Hall/TNC


Protecting our first line of defense

Dr. Mike Beck (TNC) talks about his research in the field of Ecosystem-based Adaptation as a part of natural disaster management and dealing with the impacts of climate change.

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In search of the giant squeaker frog

Gilbert Adum loves frogs. So much so, that he has devoted his life to saving them. And in that pursuit, he is helping to improve local lives - and making his mark as a bit of an environmental hero.

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