IKI-Call 2018; Photo: IKI

Current IKI selection procedure

The selection procedure for country specific programme outlines for Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines has begun. Programme outlines can be submitted up to 27 September 2018 through the IKI online platform.

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Photo Mosaic

Photo Mosaic #10IKI

On the occasion of the 10 Year Anniversary of the IKI in 2018, a twitter campaign was launched. Zoom in and have a look at the contributions!



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Video about the International Climate Initiative

A two and a half minute animated film explains in a short and understandable way in which areas and topics the International Climate Initiative (IKI) is involved.





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Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative

Video: Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative

What are the linkages between climate change and gender in the specific context of urban areas? This short film explains why addressing gender aspects in urban planning is crucial to enhance cities' resilience to the impacts of climate change.

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Fishermen on St. Lucia; Photo: Michael Altenhenne


Insuring against extreme weather in the Caribbean

Extreme weather events linked to climate change can cause major damage — destroying homes and livelihoods. Caribbean islanders have seen some of the worst effects. Could climate insurance help?

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