COP 25: Time For Action

The 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25) was held from 2 to 13 December 2019 in Madrid, Spain. Heads of government, heads of state and representatives of inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations met under the motto #TimeForAction. In addition to multilateral negotiations, side events such as panel discussions, panels and network meetings also took place. The IKI was represented with over 70 events at the COP 25. You can find up-to-date information and all the important events at a glance here.

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Programme for climate-friendly land use

BMU launched new funding of 20 million euros for supporting up to 12 developing countries in implementing national climate targets in the area of land use and agriculture. Together with Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Qu Dongyu, the new Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze announced a focus on climate change adaptation and low-emission agriculture. The initiative of the Federal Environment Ministry, UNDP and FAO is closing a gap in international climate financing. The funds come from the BMU’s International Climate Initiative (IKI).

BMU Press Release

IKI Project

Video: Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans


UNDP Climate Promise

The goal of UNDP’s climate promise is to help 100 countries improve their NDCs by 2020. BMU is a decisive partner in this respect. The “UNDP NDC Support Programme“ already supports 31 countries.


Partnership for Market Implementation

“Partnership for Market Readiness” funding will be increased by EUR 10 million. The contribution is to be transferred to the new “Partnership for Market Implementation” (PMI) in 2020. The PMI follows on from the current pro-gramme, which has supported emerging economies and developing countries since 2011 in the development and introduction of instruments for pricing and marketing CO2 emissions (implementation of Art. 6) in order to enable an effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).


Co-financing of a GCF project in the Caribbean

BMU is co-financing the project “Climate Resilience in Grenada’s Water Sector: Contributions of the Water Sector to Grenada’s NDC” within the context of the Green Climate Fund (GCF, total funding volume €40 million). This IKI project is intended to reduce the vulnerability of the water sector to the negative effects of climate change, to reduce emissions and to support Grenada in the implementation of its NDC.


Colombia, Germany, Norway and the UK step up efforts to reduce deforestation in Colombia

Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom will contribute up to 360 million USD (about 325 Mio. Euro) to help Colombia reach its targets. The Joint Declaration signed today extends the climate and forest cooperation between Colombia, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom until 2025. The partnership was initiated at the Paris Climate Summit in 2015. Covering almost 60 million hectares, Colombia’s natural forests are among the most biodiverse on earth, home to a large number of animal and plant species. The BMU is supporting this cooperation with a new IKI project with a total volume of around EUR 17.5 million. Germany is contributing a total of around 50 million euros.

BMU Press Release


BMU launches International Power-to-X Secretariat

Electricity-based fuels and raw materials (Power-to-X, PtX) will make an important national and international contribution to climate protection and the decarbonisation of industry. The International Power-to-X Secretariat – financed by IKI – will help to present the climate protection potential of PtX and to develop the necessary sustainability criteria. At the same time, the Power-to-X Secretariat is to establish an international network, increasing the potential of PtX in various application areas.

BMU Press Release


New IKI funding programme started: IKI Small Grants

With its new “IKI Small Grants” programme, BMU supports climate and biodiversity projects by small organisations in developing and emerging economies. The first call for proposals for the IKI Small Grants scheme has started on 5 December 2019 and closes on 5 March 2020. “IKI Small Grants” is carried out by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

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BMU supports Chile in its energy and transport system transformation

The IKI and Chile can look back on many years of close and successful cooperation. Several renewable energy projects have successfully promoted change in the energy sector. In the course of the COP 25 preparations, further IKI projects with a volume of more than EUR 11 million were initiated in order to support Chile with its ambitious energy transition and the transformation of the transport sector.



World Environment Day in Colombia

Colombia will host 2020 World Environment Day on biodiversity. Germany supports Colombia with 725,000 EUR in IKI funds to raise global awareness and for measures to address urgent environmental problems. On 5 June 1972, the opening day of the first World Environment Conference in Stockholm, World Environment Day was officially proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Since then, some 150 countries worldwide have participated in World Environment Day. In 2019, China hosted World Environment Day.

World Environment Day



International Adaptation Fund

Through the IKI, the BMU is the largest donor to the international Adaptation Fund, which supports developing countries in financing projects and programmes for climate change adaptation. The Adaptation Fund helps local populations in many countries to increase their resilience to climate change and protect ecosystems. Since the establishment of the Adaptation Fund, the BMU has paid EUR 310 million into the Fund. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze pledged a further EUR 30 million for the Adaptation Fund at the COP 25.

BMU Press Release

Adaptation Fund


Further EUR 60 million for EbA

On the occasion of the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25), the BMU is increasing its financial commitments for Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) by around 60 million euros. The BMU has funded 44 such measures with a total volume of 172 million euros since 2008. In future, three new programmes will strengthen this focus of the IKI:

  • 20 million euros programme with UN Environment and IUCN
  • 20 million euros programme with the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe the Caribbean
  • Topping up the EbA Facility of the KfW Development Bank in the Caribbean – 20 million euros

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Panorama Solutions Initiative

The BMU supports funding of the Panorama Solutions Platform with 2 million EUR. The Initiative provides a platform that collects successful solutions and makes them available in the following areas: the protection and sustainable use of the oceans and coasts, ecosystem-based climate adaptation (EbA), biodiversity-friendly agriculture, business commitment and protected area management.

Panorama Solutions Initiative

IKI Project „Blue Solutions“

IKI Project „Mainstreaming EbA“

IKI events at COP 25

IKI to present its thematic call at COP25

IKI presented its current thematic selection procedure at the COP 25 on 10 December at 5 p.m. The panel discussion in the German Pavilion with BMU representatives, political partners and experts highlighted the 13 main themes of the selection procedure. Two main focal points were the “Conservation and restoration of peatland ecosystems” and the “Digitalisation of transportation in Asian or Latin American urban areas”. Participants could subsequently question the panel about the application and selection procedures.

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Presentation “IKI –achievements and the new thematic call“

Panel discussion


IKI Network Meeting

The network meeting on 11 December at 7 p.m. brought together IKI implementing organisations that implement large-volume joint projects within the framework of thematic or country-specific selection procedures. The event intended to provide a platform for the sharing of information and discussion, particularly on the topics of consortium formation, the implementation of review missions and joint projects, the involvement of local partners and the opportunities opened up by IKI's re-orientation on larger programmes.

Side Events of IKI implementing organisations

IKI implementing organisations will be hosting multi-faceted side events at the COP25, contributing their experience gained in IKI projects.

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Jennifer Morgan and Norbert Gorißen

Norbert Gorißen: “COP 25 and COP 26 must prove that implementation really works”

Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace) and Norbert Gorißen (BMU/IKI) discuss on ambitious climate protection and the economic and social transformation needed.

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Jennifer Morgan: “We need to change our system to a low-emission economy”

Jennifer Morgan (Greenpeace) and Norbert Gorißen (BMU/IKI) discuss their expectations for COP 25 and how they stay optimistic.

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Related Topic

Compact with Africa

Compact with Africa

BMU funds a new facility with a total of 20 million EUR as a contribution to the German government’s Compact with Africa (CwA) initiative. The objective of the Facility is to mobilise private sector investment to support climate-related activities of small and medium-sized green enterprises in the 12 CwA countries and to mobilise finance for climate protection and adaptation measures in African countries.

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