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Accelerating Adaptation in Asia

As of: September 2021

In Asia, economic growth, rapid urbanization and infrastructure development are coupled with increasingly devastating impacts of climate change and land degradation. The project envisions accelerating adapta-tion by spurring a paradigm shift in water engineering in Asia through the establishment of a Building with Nature Asia platform to mobilize public and private actors for upscaling. This will enhance the creation of 15 climate resilient landscapes. In long term, this bears the potential to provide resilience to people in cities and settlements along vulnerable Asian coasts and rivers. The proposed initiative builds the necessary support required to achieve this vision to ‘Accelerate adaptation in Asia through Building with Nature’.

Project data

China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

Implementing organisation:
Stichting Wetlands International (WI) - Netherlands

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries - Indonesia

Implementing partner(s):
  • EcoShape, Building with Nature - Netherlands

BMU grant:
499.675,00 €

01/2021  till  12/2021

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