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Accelerating Climate Finance Impact to Support the Momentum of Paris

As of: March 2021

The implementation of the Paris Agreement requires a systematic and application-oriented processing of climate financing data. The project is establishing a platform that records climate-relevant financial flows, analyses the role and effectiveness of public and private stakeholders and makes the findings available. The platform provides policy makers, donors, recipient countries and the financing development community with knowledge and instruments for climate financing. In this way, opportunities can be identified to support climate financing and to harmonise financial flows and instruments. The impacts of climate financing will subsequently be improved and new sources of finance developed. Synergies between the climate financing activities of the main stakeholders can also be identified to better understand how public money can be used for the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement.

State of implementation/results

  • Global Climate Finance: an update view 2019 has been published in November 2019 (…).
  • At the website there is an interactive summary (
  • Two additional analytical briefs on tracking methods were also published in November 2019. One focuses on tracking adaptation (…) and the other on private capital response to climate change (…).
  • CPI presented key findings from the GLCF 2019 at the GCF Private Sector conference in early October, at the OECD Research Collaborative meeting in late October, at the Ethical Finance Conference 2019 conference and at various events at COP25 in Madrid.
  • CPI is planning an event on national/domestic tracking at COP26.
  • CPI has established a Climate-aligned Finance Tracking Group, a network of experts that aims to achieve greater impact and scale in climate finance by improving and aligning tracking efforts. Further information and details of the Steering Committe members can be found here:…

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Project data

Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa

Implementing organisation:
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

BMU grant:
1.999.699,00 €

04/2018  till  06/2021


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