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Adaptation Fund

As of: December 2021

The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and has provided 850 million US-Dollar since 2010 for adaptation to the impacts of climate change and resilience activities, including support for 123 specific adaptation projects in nearly 100 countries. The Adaptation Fund helps local populations in many countries increase their resilience to climate change and protect ecosystems. In some parts of the world, climate change has already contributed to the deterioration of food security, reduced the predictable availability of fresh water and exacerbated the spread of disease and other threats to human health. Supporting the most vulnerable countries and people is an increasing challenge and a necessity for the international community, especially because climate adaptation requires significant resources beyond what is already needed to achieve international development goals. Through IKI, the BMU is the largest contributor to the Adaptation Fund, which helps developing countries that are particularly exposed to the negative effects of climate change develop specific projects and programmes to adapt to climate change.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
The World Bank Group

BMU grant:
380.000.000,00 €

11/2013  till  11/2030



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