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BUILD ME - Accelerating 0-emission building sector ambitions in the MENA region

As of: July 2020

Objective and activities

The project supports ambitions towards achieving climate-neutral building standards in the MENA region through technical assistance for pilot projects and policy dialogues. During the period 2016-2018, the project identified barriers to invest in energy efficient and/or on renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems, which led to several recommendations for addressing these barriers. In light of the Paris Agreement, the project is focusing on the implementation, the upscaling and the adoption of these recommendations. This includes the introduction of an energy classification scheme for buildings to facilitate access to financing for sustainable buildings. Additionally, a number of pilot projects are supported technically and also financially through the EBRD. Through a policy dia-logue with relevant stakeholders, the project is furthermore aiming to improve building codes and incorporating building sector specific targets into NDCs, national and local strategies.

State of implementation/results

With the finalization of the first project phase from 2016-2018 all objectives have been achieved and numerous recommendations and outputs produced. These will shortly be available for download on the project website.
  • The next phase of the project is currently in preparation.

Project data

Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia

Implementing organisation:
Navigant Energy Germany GmbH

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) - Egypt," Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment (MEMEE) - Morocco", Ministry of Energy and Mining - Algeria, Ministry of Energy and Water - Lebanon, National Energy Research Center - Jordan, „Ministry of Industry and Technology” – Tunisia.
  • Housing and Building Research Center (HBRC) - Egypt,Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC),L’Agence Nationale pour la Promotion et la Rationalisation de l’Utilisation de l’Energie (APRUE) - Algeria,National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) - Tunisia,National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) - Morocco

BMU grant:
3.712.201,55 €

10/2016  till  12/2021


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