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Capacity Development on Renewable Energy and Grid Integration (CapREG)

As of: March 2021

This project delivered basic and advanced training on renewable energy grid integration in countries in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Viet Nam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Its target group consisted of specialist personnel in key institutions in the private and public energy sector. The specialist personnel were trained in grid operations and the development of an enabling economic and policy environment for the energy sector. The training focused on transmission and distribution grids, flexible conventional energy generation, storage systems, consumption management, and communication technologies for flexible system control. Plans for basic and further training included seminars, workshops and webinars in English, and a mobile exhibition in English and Spanish.

State of implementation/results

  • A needs assessment has been conducted in each target country. Respective training plans for the capacity development for electricity systems based on renewable energies are developed.-- The implementation of the training courses in the seven target countries, international training in Berlin as well as online training courses have started.-- All information regarding the project, such as seminar dates, contents, target groups and requirements for participation can be found on the RENAC project site.
  • Moreover, a comprehensive project brochure (in English and Spanish) can be downloaded on the same site.
  • Project completed

Project data

Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam

Implementing organisation:
Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

BMU grant:
2.357.989,90 €

01/2014  till  12/2018


Renewable Energy Capacity Building within the International Climate Initiative (IKI) (PDF, 985 KB)

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