Climate friendly technologies and capacity development for the implementation of the Brazilian National Waste Policy - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Climate friendly technologies and capacity development for the implementation of the Brazilian National Waste Policy

As of: October 2021

Although Brazil established a progressive waste policy in 2010, greenhouse gas emissions are still increasing in the waste sector. The project therefore aims to improve the conditions in this sector with the aim of exploiting the climate protection potential. To this end, climate-relevant criteria are integrated into the regulations, rules, laws, etc., enacted by the ministries. Municipal and private sector employees are also given training and decision-making support instruments are provided for the municipalities to help them plan and implement waste management measures that impact on climate protection (‘capacity development’). The project supports the integration of climate-friendly waste management measures into study courses and the establishment of a German-Brazilian research and advisory network. In this way it helps to firmly anchor a sustainable, climate-friendly and innovative waste policy.

State of implementation/results

  • To date, ProteGEEr has worked with five states to support a total of 32 communities with more than 7,000,000 inhabitants that generate more than 2,000,000 tonnes of waste annually. During the project period, three open dumpsites were closed in the pilot regions and more than 300 decision-makers and technical staff were trained in sustainable waste management tools.
  • On 23.03.2021, the first two decision support tools for the levying of waste fees and the formation of waste associations were published by the Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development (Ministerio de Desenvolvimento Regional, MDR) - Rogério Marinho at an online event (
  • The basic document on technology options in waste management prepared by ProteGEEr was included as a reference document in the call for tenders of the central strategic funding programme of the Brazilian government for concessions and public-private partnerships in municipal waste management (FEP). More than 40 waste purpose associations applied to participate in the funding programme. (…)
  • Seven pilot municipalities, in Mato Grosso, Ceará and Brasilia, were trained on "integrated technology combinations and their costs" and GHG emissions in waste management. The results achieved in this way are incorporated into local waste management planning. (…)
  • Convale Pilot Waste Association (13 municipalities in Minas Gerais) published the tender documents for the concession of waste management services. (…)
  • In November 2020, at the "8º Seminário Nacional de Emissões de Gases de Efeito Estufa", the project participated in the technical discussion on greenhouse gas mitigation in the waste sector. (…)
  • Along the objectives of the National Plan for Water, Sanitation and Waste Management (Plano Nacional de Saneamento Básico, Plansab), 2 workshops were held to discuss GHG emission scenarios. Here the GHG tool adapted by the project for Brazil was used.
  • The presentation of the teach4waste platform at the PREVENT Waste Alliance matchmaking event in September was attended by around 20 interested parties. From the subsequent discussions, contacts were established with further capacity building projects in Argentina and the MENA region.
  • Students and PhD students from the Brazilian partner universities participated in the online winter school organised by TU Braunschweig (03.-04.12.2020). (…)
  • From March 2021, the partner university UFC (Fortaleza, Ceará) will take over the management of the German-Brazilian Research and Advisory Network.
  • The webinars organised jointly with the partner university UERJ (Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro) can still be accessed online:
    • Energy recovery from municipal waste (…;list=PLp3UTvWVqsLxbTJvrQ8Hs2Dk4A2wK2xV7&index=3&t=0s)
    • Ten Years of National Waste Policy (…;list=PLp3UTvWVqsLxbTJvrQ8Hs2Dk4A2wK2xV7&index=10&t=0s)
    • Waste and Climate (Protection) (…;list=PLp3UTvWVqsLxbTJvrQ8Hs2Dk4A2wK2xV7&index=11&t=0s)
  • The platform "Financing Options for Municipal Waste Management" developed jointly with MDR and MMA was updated by the MMA. (…;list=PLp3UTvWVqsLxbTJvrQ8Hs2Dk4A2wK2xV7&index=11&t=0s)

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Regional Development - Brazil

Implementing partner(s):
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil
  • Ministry of Regional Development - Brazil
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig

BMU grant:
6.000.000,00 €

05/2017  till  07/2022



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