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Climate friendly waste management

As of: September 2021

Russia produces around 60 million tonnes of household waste and similar types of waste every year. Most of this waste is destined for landfill. In 2015, new waste legislation was passed that followed the principles of the circular economy. The project is providing decision-makers with models for a climate-neutral waste industry based on the closed-loop management of waste. Consulting, know-how transfer, further training, support for pilot projects and information campaigns are all helping to shape and develop the new framework accordingly. Aspects of relevance for the climate and circular economy are being adopted by implementation work in selected regions within Russia. Most of the project’s work is being direct at the improved management of residential waste. The project is also helping to highlight the waste sector’s potential for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, which has been neglected in Russia’s climate policy decision-making to date.

State of implementation/results

  • Organisation and implementation of a high-level conference on issues of climate protection potentials in the waste sector with the participation of the representatives from BMU, UBA, ministries of environment and economy of Russia on 30.03.2021
  • Presentation of the project results in the framework of the international exhibition WASMA 2021 on 2. - 4.03.2021. (…;lang=ger), (…;lang=ger)
  • The project was awarded the National Wernadski Environmental Prize in the category "Environmental Education for Sustainable Development". The project received an award for the contribution to environmental education for children and adults. (…;lang=ger)
  • The short videos of the project "Throw away the rubbish properly, you can still use it" won the prize of the XXIV International Environment TV Festival. (…;lang=ger)
  • A series of seminars on issues related to the German Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system was successfully conducted on the following topics: EPR in the areas of end-of-life vehicles and waste oil, EPR in the areas of electrical appliances and spent batteries, deposit systems for reusable and disposable packaging, EPR in the area of packaging.
  • On 12.02.2021, 210 containers for separate collection were handed over to Ramon County of Voronezh Region as part of the developed concept for the introduction of separate collection under the financing agreement. In addition, the district received a new refuse collection vehicle from the project. (…;lang=ger)
  • 300 containers for separate collection and 126 containers for schools and kindergartens were handed over to the city of Novovoronezh on 02.12.2020 as part of the project to implement the developed waste management concept. (…;lang=ger)
  • The series of seminars for school teachers "Green teaching", which started in April 2019, was completed on 12.02.2021. A total of 10 training seminars were conducted for more than 900 teachers from different cities and regions of Russia. (…;lang=ger)
  • So far, the project has been able to train 210 specialists in 6 training courses within the framework of the two teaching modules developed by the project "Development of sustainable waste management in Russia: theory and practice" and "German experience in the field of circular economy. Possible applications in the Russian Federation". --

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Russian Federation

Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - Russia

Implementing partner(s):
  • Föderaler Dienst für die Aufsicht im Bereich der Naturnutzung der Russischen Föderation (Rosprirodnadzor)
  • Ministerium für Bauwesen und Kommunalwirtschaft der Russischen Föderation (Bauministerium)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - Russia

BMU grant:
4.600.000,00 €

10/2018  till  06/2022



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