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Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (CI: GRASP)

As of: October 2021

The aim of the project was to expand the knowledge base for decision-makers in developing countries and emerging economies. To achieve this, it created an open, interactive and adaptive information platform that provides access to data on climate change, its potential meteorological and socio-economic impacts, and adaptation measures. The platform, which is publicly accessible online, uses maps to present information in a clear and visually effective way.
Successor project(s)
Inventory of methods for climate adaptation

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Support platform ci:grasp online; positive feedback received from users around the world
  • Global search function up and running, featuring key climate parameters such as temperature, precipitation, drought frequency and water availability at a scale of 0.5° x 0.5°
  • Additional, smaller scale maps for the priority countries Brazil, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, South Africa and Tunisia, illustrating the local impacts of climate change; includes aspects such as land loss, migration risks, economic losses and agricultural yields
  • Over 300 projects registered in adaptation database
  • International expert workshops carried out, presentations made at climate conferences, stimulus provided for debate on climate information systems and services; platform publicised

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • Diverse climate change relevant institutions in the respective partner countries/Diverse klimarelevante Institutionen in den entsprechenden Partnerländern

Implementing partner(s):
  • Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung e.V. - PIK) - Germany

BMU grant:
1.806.069,33 €

12/2008  till  02/2011



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