Cultivation of energy plants on set-aside mining sites in Viet Nam - pilot project - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Cultivation of energy plants on set-aside mining sites in Viet Nam - pilot project

As of: December 2021

In Viet Nam, much of the soil on former mining sites is contaminated and no longer usable for the cultivation of food crops. However, these locations do offer potential as sites for the cultivation of eco-friendly energy crops. The project highlighted the feasibility of this innovative approach to climate action by trialling and analysing selected plant species across two vegetation periods. With these additional areas of cultivation, the project also aimed to negate and bypass competition between food crops and energy crops. At the same time, this expansion of energy crop cultivation provided local populations with a climate-friendly income source. Lastly, the project was also fostering improvements to the economic and legal framework for the cultivation of energy crops in Viet Nam.
Successor project(s)
Cultivation of energy plants on set-aside mining sites in Viet Nam - pilot project II
Predecessor project(s)
Analysis of the potential for growing energy crops on contaminated sites and brownfields in Viet Nam - Feasibility Study

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed.
  • An festive event at the start of the project was hosted in Hanoi which has received large interest.
  • Three mining sites (coal, wolfram, bauxite) have been identified and selected for the plantation of the energy crops in different provinces.
  • Only local energy crops were selected for all three sites, taking into account their suitability for differently contaminated soils.
  • The first planting took place at all three sites in 2016.
  • Perennial plants are cared for, while annuals are planted again or partly be replaced by new plant species.
  • Development of a manual for energy crop cultivation on contaminated fallow land in Viet Nam is in progress.
  • Utilization scenarios and recovery paths of energy crops were investigated: biogas for domestic use; Bioethanol as fuel additive and large-scale for electricity generation.
  • National expert discussions and advice to Vietnamese stakeholders on energy crops, e.g. Round tables, colloquia or workshops.
  • International exchange, e.g. on the Vietnamese delegation in June 2016.

Project data

Viet Nam

Implementing organisation:
Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen e.V. (UfU)

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) - Viet Nam

Implementing partner(s):
  • Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA)

BMU grant:
1.375.044,00 €

07/2015  till  12/2018


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