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Development of a PoA Strategy for the Deployment of Mini-Biogas Systems in Small-Scale Pig Production for a Distributed Energy Supply in Viet Nam

As of: September 2021

The project supported the Vietnamese Government’s programme for promotion of biogas becoming available also to microfarms, which were not in a position to make the necessary co-payment for the biogas systems. To this end, it was assessed whether co-financing opportunities could be created by developing a programme of activities (PoA) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The project developed also a national baseline for biogas usage data and identified potential pilot sites and participating households. It was also preparing the necessary documentation for registration as a CDM Programme Activity (CPA Design Document and PoA Design Document). Furthermore, the project contributed to a strengthened expertise of local partners needed to establish an implementation structure for a PoA. A handbook for mini-biogas systems at microfarms was another output of the project.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Programme-based approach for the use of mini-biogas systems for households developed
  • Necessary documents prepared based on existing data; these support the application of the PoA approach in Viet Nam; PoA Design Document drawn up
  • Proposal for establishing the structures for implementing the PoA drawn up
  • PoA CDM handbook created

Project data

Viet Nam

Implementing organisation:
GFA ENVEST - Competence Center for Climate and Energy

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Viet Nam

Implementing partner(s):
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Viet Nam
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation - Viet Nam

BMU grant:
221.988,81 €

03/2009  till  06/2009


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