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Ecosystems, Risk and Climate Adaptation

As of: July 2020

Objective and activities

The project will compile three studies on urgent topics in the interface between risk reduction and conservation and will release them at major international conferences. The series will look at 1) Coastal conservation and risk reduction, 2) River and floodplain conservation and risk reduction and 3) Fisheries, food security and climate change. Thus the project campaigns for ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) as an integral part of national and global efforts related to managing natural disasters and climate change. It advances the discussion on the importance and cost effectiveness of EbA and furthers ongoing efforts to link adaptation, risk reduction and biodiversity conservation.

State of implementation/results

  • The project was invited to present the results of this project at a UNU/UNEP Conference in Bonn in February 2019. The conference was called “PEDRR ecosystems for adaptation and disaster risk reduction; International Science-Policy Workshop, Bonn Germany 12-14 February 2019”. On 12th of February the TNC project lead moderated a session titled: Financing and Insurance Dialogue; with experts from MCII, MunichRe and InsuResilience. as well as Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.
  • The project was invited to give in April 2019 a lecture at Amherst College to environmental economics master students, US (per webinar) on the same topic, present results from this IKI project.
  • The project also presented the work at the CAPTURE colloquium at the University of Bremen and at Bonn University.
  • The project has published numerous public op-eds and blogs
  • Beck, M. W. & R. Bendick. 2018. Generating savings from our most cost-effective coastal defenses
  • The Hill. (…)
  • Beck, M. W. 2018. Coral reefs and mangroves save billions of dollars in flood damage. Lloyd’s City Risk Index. August 7. (…)
  • Beck, M.W., G. M. Lange, S. Narayan. 2018. The miracle of mangroves for coastal protection in numbers. May 31. The World Bank (…)
  • Beck, M. W. 2017. Natural barriers are a key defense against storms like Harvey and Irma. The Hill September 18. (…)
  • M.W. Beck & S. Narayan. 2017. The Flood Reduction Benefits of Wetlands. The Scientist, August 31. (…)
  • Tercek, M. & M. W. Beck. 2017. Mangroves: A Star Player in The Coastal Protection Game. Huffington Post, August 9. (… ) - M.W. Beck & JB Crozet. 2017. Coastal Wetlands and Flood Damage Reduction: Can Insurance Save Wetlands? Triple Pundit, February 2. (…)
  • This work has received significant media attention. For example, the recent coral reef paper alone was picked up by 31 news outlets and tweeted to more than 600,000 people. This ranked it among the top 2% of papers receiving public attention in the past year.…
  • Some of the IKI supported work was included in a feature length piece in Scientific American-…

Project data


Implementing organisation:
The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Europe gGmbH

BMU grant:
985.935,15 €

03/2016  till  12/2020


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