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Financing and Integrating Renewable Energy for the City of Butuan

As of: January 2022

The Philippine government is seeking to increase the proportion of renewable energies and use them to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The project supports these goals by further developing the financing and integration of renewable energies in the city of Butuan. Various urban stakeholders are working together in a Planning Group for Energy Development (PDP) with the aim of developing an inclusive, cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. A master plan for urban energy development ensures that domestic, renewable resources are used in line with the development goals, and to achieve this, the stakeholders complete a workshop series on various aspects relevant to planning in the energy sector. Armed with this newly-acquired knowledge, they can then technically and financially evaluate the proposals for energy development. The project also develops and disseminates a financing product that contributes to the implementation of the master plan.

State of implementation/results

  • On 18/02/2019, the Mayor of Butuan City created Butuan City Advisory Power Development Council (CPDC), which is the project’s policy instrument that legitimizes the multi-stakeholder planning body.
  • The FiNRE BXU project is carrying out a +12-month capacity-building workshops series to prepare the members of the Butuan City Advisory Power Development Council - Technical Working Group, which is tasked with formulating the 2040 Butuan City Energy Plan. Due to COVID 19-related restrictions, the group meets virtually. In April 2021 the Group gave a well-received presentation of its forecasting models to the management of the relevant power utility to ensure alignment.
  • The project will be approaching financing institutions to make financing products for renewable energy projects available in the second half of the project.
  • FiNRE-BXU carries out different events and forums bringing together local, regional and national stakeholders. This includes a public consultation on the Mindanao Energy Plan (…) as well as a webinar on green finance with local banks, financing institutions and stakeholders.

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Implementing organisation:
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Philippines

Political partner(s):
  • Climate Change Commission (CCC) - Philippines

BMU grant:
533.045,00 €

05/2018  till  04/2022


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