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Global platform on the New York Declaration on Forests

As of: October 2021

The ‘New York Declaration on Forests’ (NYDF) is a voluntary international declaration made by governments, companies, NGOs and other signatories that commits these parties to implement measures to halt global deforestation. The ‘Global Platform on Forests’ is supporting developing countries in their implementation of the goals agreed in the NYDF. Since the success of the platform depends on broad-based participation from all relevant actors, the project is promoting dialogue with the various interested parties. The platform also functions as a secretary’s office for the ‘New York Declaration on Forests’. /

State of implementation/results

  • The New York Forest Declaration Platform (NYDF Platform) project raises the international profile of action, forges new partnerships and accelerates progress towards NYDF goals.
  • NYDF Refresh Process was launched 01/2021
  • focal sessions on each of the NYDF goals were hosted to delve deeper into specific questions, challenges, and opportunities.
  • 03/2021 targeted outreach was conducted with additional endorsers, and other relevant partners and initiatives
  • 17 reports on Forests and Nature Based solutions for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) were completed and delivered to NYDF endorser countries
  • New blog post has been added to the NYDF blog since October 2020 summarizing key takeaways and insights from our October session at the Global Landscapes Forum Biodiversity Conference: For Forests’ sake: transforming extractive industries and infrastructure to achieve NYDF Goal 3 (…)
  • Three new NYDF newsletters (with increased subscribers) since October 2020 (…;id=e4d4656d7a)
  • In partnership with UNDP's Equator Initiative, NYDF collaborated on an interview with Nemonte Nenquimo, Indigenous leader from the Waorani people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, resulting in a short video story “Without Land there is no life” (…) and blog story “Indigenous land rights; a pathway to a sustainable future” (…)
  • In November 2020, the NYDF Progress Assessment published its annual suite of progress updates on all ten goals of the NYDF: a focus report on NYDF Goals 3 & 4, “Balancing forests and development: Addressing infrastructure and extractive industries, promoting sustainable livelihoods” (…) and individual assessments of each of the ten NYDF goals (…). The focus report was promoted to the media with the support of Burness and received exceptional and widespread coverage in at least 31 stories in 10 languages and across 13 countries, including in the Guardian, Reuters, Thomas Reuters Foundation, Climate News Network, and Yale e360
  • in 02/2021, the NYDF Progress Assessment published two briefing papers expanding upon IKI-supported research conducted for the 2020 focus report on NYDF Goals 3 & 4. Both papers were co-produced with CDP. The two papers were introduced in a blog “Protecting forests in the low-carbon transition” (…); The two briefing papers are: "Low-carbon technologies: An impending threat to forests" (…) and "Progress by regional governments: New York Declaration on Forests Goal 3" (…)

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Implementing organisation:
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Implementing partner(s):
  • Meridian Institute

BMU grant:
7.132.185,00 €

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