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Global platform on the New York Declaration on Forests

As of: February 2021

The ‘New York Declaration on Forests’ (NYDF) is a voluntary international declaration made by governments, companies, NGOs and other signatories that commits these parties to implement measures to halt global deforestation. The ‘Global Platform on Forests’ is supporting developing countries in their implementation of the goals agreed in the NYDF. Since the success of the platform depends on broad-based participation from all relevant actors, the project is promoting dialogue with the various interested parties. The platform also functions as a secretary’s office for the ‘New York Declaration on Forests’. /

State of implementation/results

  • The New York Forest Declaration Platform (NYDF Platform) project raises the international profile of action, forges new partnerships and accelerates progress towards NYDF goals

2020 Refresh Process launched:

  • Process to review status of NYDF targets;
  • Responded to feedback from endorsers as many of the 2020 goals will not be met;
  • reflecting on accomplishments and shortfalls to date;
  • supporting increased ambition and political will among NYDF endorsers;
  • accelerating progress to meet the NYDF goals by 2030

  • Established a review group:

    • NYDF Platform set up small working group to serve as the lead review panel in the refresh process; - engage with key stakeholders and seek alignment with other global processes;
    • hosting of in-depth working meetings to analyse each NYDF goal

    New posts added on NYDF Blog:

    • The Accountability Framework: Key Resource for achieving the NYDF Goals (…);
    • Putting the "eco" back in economy: Finance for Nature Virtual Global Series Kick-off (…);
    • COVID-19 response and recovery must include indigenous peoples and the forests they steward (…);
    • The impact of coronavirus on global meat supply chains (www.
    • New Blog by NYDF Platform:…
    • NYDF Twitter (@NYDF_Platform) has gained more followers, with a total of 3,133 followers as of October 28, 2020;

    Support for multi-stakeholder conferences and dialogues to promote the importance of achieving the NYDF goals

    • E.g. Finance for Nature Virtual Global Series in June and September 2020 (…);
    • the Business and Finance Day
    • meetings at the Nature for Life Hub in September 2020 (…);
    • and the Biodiversity Conference of the Global Landscapes Forum Forests' Sake: Transforming extractive industries and infrastructure to achieve NYDF Goal 3

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    Implementing organisation:
    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

    Implementing partner(s):
    • Meridian Institute

    BMU grant:
    7.132.185,00 €

    10/2017  till  09/2021

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