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Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme

As of: October 2021

The project provided financial support to prepare the annual reports of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) which describe the current levels of global greenhouse gas emissions and identify the growing emissions gap based on various scenarios. UNEP was thereby building on the successful predecessor publications: The Emissions Gap Report (2010), Bridging the Emissions Gap (2011) and The Emissions Gap Report 2012. These reports, each based on recognised scientific findings and published in the run-up to the annual climate change negotiations, laid out the urgency for political action while simultaneously identifying possible areas of action for closing the growing emissions gap. These reports served as key references for reporting, raising awareness and campaign work by the media, NGOs, climate change negotiators and decision-makers.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
The World Bank Group

BMU grant:
16.000.000,00 €

12/2013  till  12/2019

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