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Integrated coastal zone management and marine biodiversity

As of: September 2020

Objective and activities

The Brazilian coast is one of the longest in the world and is home to a unique biodiversity; however, the marine and coastal zone is intensively used and heavily populated. The project supports an integrated approach to environmental spatial planning, which is aimed at promoting sustainable forms of protection and use in the Costa dos Corais and Abrolhos regions. Measures for the protection and sustainable use of marine and coastal biodiversity are also realised, as well as strategies for monitoring environmental quality as a basis for planning and management processes. The project focuses on building up capacities and the development of methods. The experiences gained are disseminated nationally and internationally, strengthening relevant policies. Through its work, the project supports Brazil in meeting the Aichi targets of “sustainable fisheries”, “reducing the pressure on coral reefs” and “expanding and consolidating the marine protection system”. The project is part of the IKI Corona Response Package.

State of implementation/results

  • As part of the Corona Response Package, additional income generation measures are expected to be implemented through sustainable value chains in fisheries and in the landing, disposal and processing of marine waste.
  • Representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), the protected area authority ICMBio, the federal states, municipal environmental administrations and civil society were trained through training events on the following topics: municipal environmental management in coastal zones, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), Systematic Conservation Planning (SCP), sustainable management of traditional fisheries, monitoring of mangrove biodiversity, elaboration of national action plans for the conservation of threatened species.
  • Monitoring of threatened species in 4 coastal and marine protected areas, with an area of 6.955.24 km²
  • 09.2019 Seminar on strategies to combat marine waste.
  • 09.2019 Publication of National Marine Waste Data Collection Protocol (…).
  • 10.2019 Workshop on fishing licences for traditional small-scale fishermen and women in protected areas.
  • 10.2019 - Scientific meeting on "Citizen Science: social participation and scientific research" of the marine protected area APA Costa dos Corais - approx. 200 participants.
  • 11. 2019 Training of 40 regional multipliers for fisheries monitoring in protected areas.
  • 11.2019 Support for the establishment of a baseline for monitoring activities on the effects of oil pollution on coastal biodiversity (mangroves, estuaries and beaches).
  • 12. 2019 1st workshop for the development of a national education strategy for the coastal and marine region (multistakeholder, 60 participants from about 10 coastal states, about 20 institutions).
  • 03.2020 Planning workshop of the network of fisherwomen of the regions Extreme South of Bahia and Costa dos Corais.
  • 03.2020 - Workshops for strengthening and potentially expanding the mosaic of protected areas of the Extreme South of Bahia (MAPES)
  • 03.2020 Publication of videos of the environmental education campaign on beach and coral protection (Conduta Conciente -…).
  • Participation in the virtual networking platform "Rede TerraMar"…

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil
  • Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation - Brazil
  • Leibniz-Zentrum für marine Tropenökologie (ZMT) - Deutschland
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil

BMU grant:
6.000.000,00 €

08/2015  till  06/2021


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