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International Climate Policy Dialogue

As of: October 2021

In Phase I, the project aimed to bring together decision makers from around 20 countries in an informal dialogue on options for a new international climate change agreement. Participants, from both developed and developing countries, convened eight times in 2014 and 2015 to examine issues in shaping the new agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that was reached in Paris in 2015. This structured but informal exchange allowed participants to reach a common understanding on important issues under negotiation and options for addressing them, thereby contributing to an ambitious outcome in Paris. In Phase II from 2016 onwards dialogues focus on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and regulatory requirements. That way the dialogue format is supposed to make a contribution to an effective implementation of the Paris Agreement. In addition to the German Environment Ministry, other donors are also supporting the project.

State of implementation/results

  • Project is completed
  • The dialogue events of Phase I helped key negotiators to reach a common understanding on important issues concerning the Paris Agreement negotiations and to feed these into the UNFCCC process. Five dialogue events were carried out in 2014 and a further three were held in 2015.
  • The Co-Chairs’ interim report was published in October 2014 and the final report in July 2015; the final report was presented at the Major Economies Forum in Luxembourg. The reports highlight potential key components for a new climate change agreement and address the main issues relating to INDCs for the UNFCCC negotiations, such as time frame, ex-ante assessments, adaptation approaches, different obligations and their legal form.
  • Eight C2ES briefing papers were published as a thematic contribution to the dialogue events:
    • Evolution of the International Climate Effort (Mai 2014),
    • Issues for a 2015 Climate Agreement (Mai 2014),
    • Alongside the UNFCCC: Complementary Venues for Climate Action (Mai 2014),
    • Structure of a 2015 Climate Agreement (October 2014),
    • Addressing Adaptation in a 2015 Climate Agreement (Juni 2015),
    • Key Legal Issues in a 2015 Climate Agreement (Juni 2015),
    • Addressing Finance in a 2015 Climate Agreement (Juni 2015),
    • Differentiation in a 2015 Climate Agreement (Juni 2015).
  • Seven web-based articles were published as a thematic contribution to the dialogue events:
  • Outlook for Lima: Setting the Stage for Paris (25. November 2014),
  • The Core Issues in the Paris Climate Talks (11. February 2015),
  • What role for carbon markets in the 2015 climate agreement? (February 2015),
  • The Paris Talks: Looking Behind the Scenes (28. August 2015),
  • What would a "legal" agreement in Paris look like? (24. September 2015),
  • Measuring Success in Paris (30. November 2015),
  • Paris 'landing zones' become clearer (8. December 2015).
  • Phase II of the Project built on the success of the Toward 2015 Dialogue (Phase I), by providing an informal space for lead negotiators to examine key issues and options in implementing the Paris Agreement. This initiative helped deliver the UNFCCC decisions needed to effectively implement the Paris Agreement by informing both the negotiating process itself, senior political leadership within governments, and the broader community of stakeholders, media, etc. concerned with the climate negotiations.
  • In Phase II hosted 11 dialogues and published the following 14 briefing papers as thematic contributions:
    • UNFCCC Climate Transparency: Lessons Learned (November 2016),
    • Key Issues in Completing the Paris Climate Architecture (October 2017),
    • Linking Non-State Action with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (October 2016),
    • Structuring the UNFCCC 2018 Facilitative Dialogue (May 2017),
    • Legal Issues Related to the Paris Agreement (May 2017),
    • Elaborating the Paris Agreement: Potential Linkages Between Articles 13, 14, and 15 (October 2017),
    • Designing the Global Stocktake: A Global Governance Innovation (November 2017),
    • Elaborating the Paris Agreement: Implementation and Compliance (November 2017),
    • Elaborating the Paris Agreement: Information and Accounting (November 2017),
    • General Issues in Elaborating the Paris Agreement (April 2018),
    • Accounting for Bottom-Up Trading Under the Paris Agreement (April 2018),
    • Elaborating the Paris Agreement: National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (August 2018),
    • Elaborating the Paris Agreement: Transparency of Finance (August 2018). In the run-up to COP 24 final report published in November 2018: 'Essential Elements of the Paris Rulebook'.
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    Implementing organisation:
    Center for Climate and Energy Solutions - USA

    Political partner(s):
    • Diverse climate change relevant institutions in the respective partner countries/Diverse klimarelevante Institutionen in den entsprechenden Partnerländern

    BMU grant:
    702.790,68 €

    11/2013  till  04/2019

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