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Korolev: Prototype for Saving Heating Energy

As of: October 2021

The purpose of the project was to increase energy efficiency in the housing sector in the Russian Federation and to develop a replicable concept for financing the renovation of urban infrastructure (heating, energy and water supply). The aim was to finance energy efficiency measures through energy contracting, which involved using funds generated through energy savings to repay the costs of initial investment. The target groups were primarily representatives and companies from the housing industry and energy suppliers. The project was preparing a feasibility study to demonstrate the applicability of the new financing mechanism in the energy-efficient renovation of a sample prefabricated building.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Study carried out on financing the energy-efficient renovation of urban infrastructure in the Russian Federation, including a comprehensive analysis of legal and economic factors
  • Elaboration of model contracts
  • Presentation of the project results at a conference in Moscow with guests from politics, administration and science (inter alia the national building university, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Project data

Russian Federation

Implementing organisation:
Korolev GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • City of Korolyov - Russia

BMU grant:
347.394,04 €

11/2008  till  05/2011

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