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Low Carbon Ukraine

As of: December 2020

The purpose of the project is to support the Ukrainian government in pursuing an active and effective energy and climate policy. The assistance aims to enhance policy processes along three dimensions: long-term-orientation, consistency and fact-basis. The ultimate goal of the policy advice is to trigger policy decisions for a lower emission pathway. To this end, the project will assist the work of the government in drafting two sector strategies and provide administrative and analytical support for an interministerial working group. To enable a continuous dialogue, BE will constantly support the work of the Ukrainian government with demand-driven analyses as well as policy proposals. In particular, BE will support the work of the Vice-Prime Minister as he coordinates the energy policy of the Cabinet of Ministers.

State of implementation/results

  • In early 2020, the Ministry of Energy and Environment presented an ambitious vision for climate policy by 2050 ("Ukraine Green Deal"), to which the project contributed. One of the goals is to achieve climate neutrality by 2070.
  • In the course of the first steps towards the liberalization of the electricity market in 2019, project team members were invited to a meeting with the Ukrainian President to discuss the situation on the electricity market after the market opening with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and relevant interest groups.
  • In early 2019 the project submitted four detailed proposals for the currently debated law on renewable energy auctions (Draft Law No. 8449-D) as part of an expert group. These have been accepted by the partliament.
  • The project website (see link) regularly publishes the most recent publications of the project. Among these are:

    • A quarterly monitoring report that is being developed in collaboration with the ukrainian think tank DiXi Group. The report outlines the progress with the implementation of the ukrainian Energy Strategy 2035, which, among other things, promotes the expansion of renewable energies (RE).
    • The report, furthermore, informs about recent developments in the energy sector of Ukraine and thereby allows to evaluate the progress with the decarbonization of the energy sector.
    • Compact policy briefings on various related topics such as the future development of energy demand and the required power production capacity, the identification of production capacities for public tenders to meet national targets and the optimal geographical distribution of RE plants across Ukraine.

  • Project data


    Implementing organisation:
    BE Berlin Economics GmbH

    Partner institution(s):
    • Government of Ukraine

    BMU grant:
    3.190.631,00 €

    09/2018  till  08/2021


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