Marine biodiversity and coastal livelihoods in Sulawesi/Coral Triangle - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Marine biodiversity and coastal livelihoods in Sulawesi/Coral Triangle

As of: October 2021

Marine biodiversity forms the basis for the livelihoods of a large proportion of Indonesia’s population. However, this is threatened by poor management – especially in the fishing industry – combined with the impacts of climate change. The Indonesian government has therefore acted together with other partner countries to launch the Coral Triangle Initiative. The project supports the creation of new marine protected areas and the effective management of fishing zones as well as alternative sources of income. This involves working closely with the government and the local population, as well as the fishing and tourism sectors. Points of focus for the project include promoting joint resource management and – in cooperation with business partners – the mobilisation of public and private sources of funding. Resource building together with the support offered for a protected area model are intended to help the national government and local communities maintain sustainable resource management even after the end of the project.

State of implementation/results

  • In the three project areas, the first activities to document fish landings could be carried out. The collected data will help develop management plans for marine protected areas.
  • Illegal fishing activities were systematically documented in order to develop an action plan for sustainable fishing and against destructive fishing activities.
  • There is a regular exchange between the project and local government organizations in order to coordinate future activities of the Marine Protected Area / Mariner Protected Area Management.
  • There are regular meetings with the local population in order to support them in the management of the Marine Protected Areas / marine protection zones.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
KfW Entwicklungsbank

Political partner(s):
  • Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Aceh - Indonesien
  • Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan Nord Sulawesi - Indonesien
  • Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan West Nusa Tenggara -
  • Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries - Indonesia

Implementing partner(s):
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) - Indonesia

BMU grant:
7.000.000,00 €

01/2019  till  12/2025

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