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Multimedia Project Global Ideas (Phase I) - "Sustainable" - The Programme Initiative on DW television

As of: October 2021

This project provided insight into the causes and effects of climate change as well as information on exemplary climate projects in developing countries and emerging economies. The aim was to sensitise viewers to the issue and spur imitation projects. To this end, the project has developed an online information platform and produced television reports and documentaries that were broadcasted across the globe in several languages by Deutsche Welle (satellite) and its partner stations. The television reports have a direct connection to the circumstances of the local population. They could be downloaded from the internet platform where more extensive background information was available.
Successor project(s)
Global solutions – "The Road from Paris"
Multimedia project Global Ideas - Together for Climate Protection (Phase II)
Global Nature – protecting the earth’s riches

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed; a second phase is ongoing
  • Sixty-eight 7-minute television reports and five 27-minute documentaries produced and broadcasted worldwide; all reports and features adapted into English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese and some into Portuguese
  • Web platform established with a video-on-demand function and comprehensive background information with graphics, articles and photos
  • A range of new partners worldwide (TV and web, over 2,450), multiple links established with other websites; marketing of the films and platform at conferences and trade fairs (including the 2010 climate change conference in Cancun)
  • Three international prizes and several nominations, and three films selected for showing during the D+C film festival in Cancun

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Welle (DW)

BMU grant:
2.479.036,28 €

12/2009  till  05/2011


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