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Nature Conservation and Agroforestry Production in Rural Communities

As of: November 2021

Between the Himalayas and the Terai-Lowland in southern Nepal, the Bengal tiger, elephant, rhino, Ganges gavial and many more rare and threatened species still exist. Yet human pressure and climate change are jeopardizing the extraordinary biodiversity and diminishing the ecological services of climate relevant forests and watersheds of this sensitive region. The project will contribute significantly to biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation, building resilience for ecosystems and local communities. Activities are based on innovative approaches to nature conservation and an alliance between authorities, forest user communities, local producers and entrepreneurs that combines ideas and resources. By strengthening civil society organizations, promoting sustainable regional development through biodiversity- and climate-friendly land use and production, and raising environmental awareness, long-term success and multiplier effects are ensured.

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  • ANSAB Nepal

BMU grant:
364.339,00 €

09/2021  till  08/2024

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