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Operationalising the landscape approach for biodiversity and benefits: Policy, practice and people

As of: September 2021

Landscape approaches offer solutions to avoid utilisation competition and conflicting goals while enhancing potential synergies. However, the implementation and – above all – evaluation of the landscape approach has yet to be broadly established. This project is using a variety of partners and stakeholders to operationalise the landscape approach and ensure its implementation in practice. Key players are being networked at several levels to ensure they benefit from the implementation of the landscape approach. The main focus of this project is on national policy and processes, so as to increase awareness of the value of biological diversity. The project is funding resources and skills aimed at improving the integration of biodiversity into national policies and land development planning. This is being achieved by the organisation of a comprehensive public relations programme, as well as cooperation with political decision-makers and other target groups at the national and international level.

State of implementation/results

  • The project team published the first book from this project titled ‘Operationalising integrated landscape approaches in the tropics’ which is open access, freely available to download online. (www.cifor.org/…)
  • Project team members published a journal article in Frontiers in Forests and Global Change titled ‘A tentative theory of change to evaluate jurisdictional approaches to reduced deforestation’. (agritrop.cirad.fr/…)
  • Project team members published a journal article in One Earth titled ‘The extent and distribution of joint conservation-development funding in the tropics’. (www.sciencedirect.com/…)
  • Project team members contributed to a review article in BioScience titled ‘The influence of forests on freshwater fish in the tropics’. (academic.oup.com/…)
  • Project team members re-submitted (after peer-review) an article to the journal Landscape Ecology - a perspective piece titled ‘Re-integrating ecology into integrated landscape approaches’.
  • Project team members submitted a journal article to International Forestry Review (currently under peer review) analysing the extent to which landscape approaches in Ghana and Zambia can learn from prior initiatives, particularly Community-Based Natural Resource Management.
  • Project team members hosted a session at the Global Landscapes Forum biodiversity event ‘One World, One Health’ during which they launched their book and chapter authors described their experiences. The session had a live audience of over 600 people. (events.globallandscapesforum.org/…)
  • The team produced a white paper for the above event. (events.globallandscapesforum.org/…) – the project presented to the CGIAR on ‘What are integrated landscape approaches and where are they being implemented’. (www.youtube.com/…;ab_channel=agrolandscapes) – the project gave an interview on the project purpose and operations to the Zambia National Information Services on 30th October 2020 that was aired on national television. – Follow employees of the Project published an article promoting the COLANDS book and activities in UBC’s Faculty of Forestry newsletter on page 16 (forestry.ubc.ca/…) – A coworker of the project gave an interview for Energi Media on integrated landscape approaches and COLANDS‘ ongoing work in Ghana, Indonesia and Zambia. (www.youtube.com/…)
  • ForestsNews blog on 3rd November 2020. New research closing knowledge gaps for integrated landscape approaches. (forestsnews.cifor.org/…)
  • ForestsNews blog on 15th March 2021. Does funding to integrate conservation and development go where is it needed most? (forestsnews.cifor.org/…)
  • The project team published the third edition of the COLANDS newsletter for November 2020. (mailchi.mp/…)

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Project data

Ghana, Indonesia, Zambia

Political partner(s):
  • Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Forestry Commission - Ghana
  • Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection - Zambia

Implementing partner(s):
  • Community Based Natural Resources Forum (CBNRM-Forum)
  • Community-Based Rural Development Program – Phase 3 (PNGT2-3)
  • Directorate-General for the Green Economy and Climate Change (DGEVCC)
  • Riak Bumi

BMU grant:
4.995.604,00 €

06/2018  till  05/2023

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