PA categories V and VI as landscape mechanisms for enhancing biodiversity in agricultural land, ecological connectivity and REDD+ implementation - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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PA categories V and VI as landscape mechanisms for enhancing biodiversity in agricultural land, ecological connectivity and REDD+ implementation

As of: April 2020

Objective and activities

The goal of this project is to demonstrate conservation and development benefits in four targeted landscapes in Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through better use of the Protected Area categories “Protected Landscape/ Seascape” and “Protected area with sustainable use of natural resources”.

State of implementation/results

In all project landscapes, background studies on policy, governance, and stakeholder perceptions are being conducted.Below is a country-wise summary of some of the key outputs:
  • In Uganda, the project is contributing to the revision of the Central Reserve Management Plans in the Agoro-Agu sector. Instead of conducting these plans within the National Forestry Authority, for the first time a landscape approach was used to involve more actors in a participatory approach. Key outputs during the reporting period include: Agoro-Agu Central Forests Management Plan; (ii) Agoro-Agu Landscape Management Plan; (iii) Quarterly Newsletter; (iv) SenseMaker Forest Brief (in Prep); (v) Landscape Approach, Lessons from Agoro-Agu, Uganda (In Prep).
  • In the DRC, in partnership with the project partner, the government’s protected area agency, ICCN, it has been decided to work on a participatory management plan, with a focus on restoration. This will help the country achieve part of its Bonn Challenge commitment to restoration. The protected area is likely to also become part of a Green List process, which will allow it to identify and improve specific areas of management and governance. A Land Use Dialogue was held in Idiofa in May 2019. The Mangai Governance Working Group has been given legal recognition by the local authorities of the Territory of Idiofa.
  • In Ghana, Tree Tenure is becoming more formalised at the national level. The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has developed a new tree registration form which provides an avenue for registration of both planted trees as well as naturally occurring trees on farms. Once adopted officially, this will change the incentive for farmers to restore areas of their farms. This policy is a focus of the Wassa Amenfi landscape in southern Ghana. Furthermore a study at the northern landscape on the Community Resource Management Areas (CREMA) was conducted, providing insight into why communities collaborate on developing CREMAs. In May 2019 A Land Use Dialogue was organized in Mole Landscape.
  • In Tanzania, the BMU work is integrated as part of a larger program funded by DGIS, in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania, which aims to make green growth more inclusive and sustainable.A Land Use Dialogue, held in July 2019 and a strategic plan for landscape stakeholders from the Kilombero Basin has been developed. A mini-dialogue on Biodiversity Conservation was held in September 2019 in Mang’ula, aimed at raising awareness of and securing support from political authorities. Further, mini-dialogues are planned to discuss and develop shared solutions for some of the key challenges in the landscape. A meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) is scheduled for November 2019 to identify and prioritize landscape issues AFR 100 and GLF Accra: A project learning workshop to share the key lessons and showcase the achievements of the project is planned in conjunction with AFR 100 meetings and GLF taking place in Accra in October 2019.

Project data

Ghana, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda

Implementing organisation:
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - Switzerland

Partner institution(s):
  • Forestry Commission - Ghana," Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism (MECNT) - DR Congo", Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources - Ghana, Ministry of Water and Environment - Uganda, The Vice-President's Office - Tanzania
  • African Wildlife Foundation (AWF),The Forests Dialogue (TFD)

BMU grant:
4.288.983,00 €

05/2017  till  04/2020


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