Programme of Activities (PoA) for Energy Efficiency Improvement in Buildings - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Programme of Activities (PoA) for Energy Efficiency Improvement in Buildings

As of: September 2020

Objective and activities

The objective of the project was to develop a 'Clean Development Mechanism' (CDM) in the area of energy efficiency in buildings. Therefore the relatively newly developed and so far almost unused possibility of a 'Programme of Activities' (PoA) was used, as within the framework of these activities numerous efficiency measures shall be implemented in various buildings. As the city council in Manaus is responsible for more than 1000 buildings, the city council is the primary partner. Decisions concerning measures in bigger building complexes were made centrally; therefore, guidelines and measures were implemented rapidly. The approach ought to be transferred to the buildings of the Amazonian state government, which also owns similar buildings complexes in high numbers.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • Concept developed for a CDM project dealing with energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy audits conducted in schools
  • Preliminary study carried out on energy efficiency in buildings
  • Documents prepared on the implementation of CDM activities (PoA-DD)
  • Workshop carried out, attended by relevant participants

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (als Zuwendungsempfänger)

Partner institution(s):
  • Municipality of Manaus (Prefeitura de Manaus)
  • Municipality of Manaus (Prefeitura de Manaus)

BMU grant:
132.000,00 €

11/2008  till  03/2009


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