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Promotion of solar energy in Chile

As of: May 2021

With increasing cost reductions in solar technology, solar power and heat supply are of growing interest in Chile. All previous studies confirm that Chile has in its north an enormous potential for the use of solar energy, which was so far nearly untapped, but could make an important contribution to security of supply in the future. The DKTI project joined the existing commitment of German development cooperation in supporting the launch of grid-based renewable energy. The technical module aimed to improve the conditions to develop a market for solar energy in Chile (focusing on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies). It consisted of six work packages: 1) policy advice and regulation; 2) integration of renewable energies in the electricity market; 3) technologies and applications; 4) capacity development; 5) information and communication; and 6) international outreach in the region.
Joint project
Promotion of solar energy in Chile

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed.
  • Project supports the advisory committee of the Strategic Solar Programme (PES), including the ‘Solarisation’ of the mining sector.
  • Five scholarships (between 3-6 months) for Chilean experts for their in-depth research on CSP in German and Spanish research institutions.
  • Development of a software tool on economic calculations adapted for renewable energies.
  • Cooperation with the two grid operators and the regulatory authority, such as adaptation and adoption of technical standards on grid connection (Gridcode) for an improved integration of renewable energy.
  • With support of the project the threshold of 1,000 MW installed PV capacity was surpassed in Chile in early 2016.
  • Support of a “Round Table” of the Chilean Ministry of Energy focusing on expanding and integrating renewable energies with a view to Chile’s energy strategy (70 per cent of electricity generated by renewables by 2050).
  • Numerous technical seminars, workshops and study trips carried out incl. site visit of a CSP/PV plant in Northern Chile (under construction: expected capacity: CSP: 110 MW el; PV: 100 MWp). Cooperation with the solar training centre of the University of Antofagasta (e.g. 12 train-the-trainers for the construction of large PV plants trained). Factsheet: "Promoting Solar Energy in Chile"

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Energy - Chile

Implementing partner(s):
  • Ministry of Energy - Chile
  • Ministry of Environment (MMA) - Chile

BMU grant:
7.870.000,00 €

03/2014  till  05/2019



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