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READI (Renewable Energy for Africa Development and Investment Holding)

As of: November 2020

The project aims to mobilize private investment for renewable energy (RE) projects, thus addressing the growing energy requirements in Africa whilst avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. Across the whole region, the public-private partnership rAREH will work in local project development teams to identify and develop new RE projects and provide risk capital and know-how throughout the entire life cycle of RE projects. By remaining invested in developed RE projects until these are ready for the market, rAREH will substantially reduce the initial project risks. This will allow for private investments and the productive use of RE. Once the shares of rAREH have been sold, the team will reinvest its additional sources in the development of further RE projects.

State of implementation/results

Approved projects:

  • Rwaza hydro project (2.7 MW, Rwanda)
  • Makindu solar project (33 MW, Kenya)
  • Nyamindi hydro cascade project (15.5-18.5 MW, Kenya)
  • Embu Ishiara hydro project (10 MW, Uganda)
  • Sisi and Simu hydro projects (7 MW and 9.5 MW, Uganda)
  • REH Zambia hydro projects (40 MW, Zambia)
  • REH South Africa hydro portfolio (11.5 MW) acquisition
  • Sesheke Solar project (20 MW, Zambia)
  • Mpanga & Nyamwamba hydro projects (18 MW and 9.2 MW)
  • Mutunguru hydro project (7.8 MW, Kenya)
  • Sokoto solar project (55 MW, Nigeria)
  • Solar ERA project (2 MW and 20 MW, Sierra Leone)

Project Pipeline:

  • Tiapati project (25 MW, Guinea Conakry)
  • Sironko hydro project (7 MW, Uganda)

Project data


Implementing organisation:
KfW Entwicklungsbank

BMU grant:
10.000.000,00 €

11/2017  till  12/2030

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