Resilient forests and financing options for sustainable water supplies in the tropics - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Resilient forests and financing options for sustainable water supplies in the tropics

As of: June 2021

Robust forests help to preserve natural water stocks in the tropics. Together with local partner organisations, the project is developing EbA measures and innovative governance mechanisms in water catchment areas. A participative approach is being taken to the creation of ecosystem-based, sustainable land use plans. The project is conducting economic assessments of the ecosystem services of the four water catchment areas and developing governance instruments aimed at integrating private-sector actors. Steps are being taken to establish nature conservation measures for the reconstruction of forests, and to strengthen monitoring and local capacities in the water catchment areas. The project is supporting national policies and regulations for ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation. Findings are being collated and shared with both project countries and the international community. The project is part of the IKI Corona Response Package./
Predecessor project(s)
Development of business models for cooperation with the private sector as a instrument for socially acceptable restoration of near-natural forests

State of implementation/results

  • The focus of the project from 2021 onwards will be on multiplying EbA measures and on improving their integration in regional structures and economic sectors with the involvement of private-sector players. This will ultimately ensure sustainable financing of these measures.
  • In the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Cuba, measures have been started to implement developed EbA plans (plantings, reforestation, support to communal “fire brigades”).
  • Through a crowdfunding campaign, approximately EUR 8000 was raised to equip fire brigades with tools and protective clothing in three areas.
  • In Guatemala, the partner organization is an active member of the new National Technical Group for EbA, which is composed of government institutions and NGOs and, among other things, part of a national-level working group on indicator development for tracking nationwide EbA measures.
  • In the Dominican Republic, various digital and non-digital informational materials on the project were produced.
  • In Cuba, the project was presented with a press conference and a workshop on watersheds. Policy makers from different ministries, civil society representatives and scientific institutions participated in this workshop.

Project data

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico

Implementing organisation:
OroVerde - Die Tropenwaldstiftung

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) - Guatemala
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) - Mexico
  • Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources - Dominican Republic
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA) - Cuba
  • National Centre for Protected Areas (SNAP) - Cuba
  • National Commission for Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) - Mexiko
  • National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) - Guatemala
  • National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) - Mexico

Implementing partner(s):
  • AgroDer
  • Centro para la Educación y Acción Ecológica, Naturaleza, CEDAE
  • Fundación Defensores de la Naturaleza - Guatemala
  • Pronatura Mexico A.C. - Mexico
  • Unidad Presupuestada de Servicios Ambientales (UPSA) – Ministerio de Ciencias, Tecnologia y Medio Ambiente

BMU grant:
6.054.382,00 €

01/2018  till  12/2023


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