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Solar-hybrid microturbine systems for cogeneration in agro-industrial electricity and heat production (SMILE)

As of: September 2020

Objective and activities

Brazil is relying on renewable energies to reduce emissions of climate-damaging gases within the framework of its national climate action goals. The project supported local partners in building two small solar thermal tower power plants. Thanks to movable mirror systems, these plants use solar energy very efficiently by concentrating the rays of the sun on one point in the power plant. The aim is to supply consumers in the agro-industry with cogenerated electricity and heat . The project used a highly innovative technology based on microturbines for the first time. Since the system has a storage facility and can also run on biofuel when necessary, consumers are assured of a continuous supply and high levels of efficiency can be achieved. The project not only helped to build the plants, it also provided local partners with the knowledge they need to build more power plants themselves.

State of implementation/results

  • Project completed
  • The plant design has been completed and potential suppliers for the specific components have been identified.
  • Suitable sites have been identified.
  • The required environmental permits have been obtained.
  • Terms and conditions for the portion of the financing to be provided by the Brazilian partners have been agreed and funding commitments given by the Brazilian development bank.
  • Intensified collaboration between German and Brazilian partners: DLR project manager supports the construction of the power plants working in Brazil since 07/2017.
  • DLR and USP present first results of the SMILE project at the international symposium SolarPaces in Santiago de Chile.

Project data


Implementing organisation:
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil
  • Ministry of Finance - Brazil
  • Foundation for Supporting the University of Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • Ministry of Development, Industry, and Trade - Brazil
  • Ministry of Environment - Brazil
  • Solinova

BMU grant:
1.954.331,37 €

03/2010  till  12/2019


Supporting innovative technologies within the International Climate Initiative (IKI): Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) (PDF, 482 KB)

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