Strengthening civil society in the implementation of national climate policies in Georgia, Colombia and Ukraine - Internationale Climate Initiative (IKI)
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Strengthening civil society in the implementation of national climate policies in Georgia, Colombia and Ukraine

As of: September 2021

The participation of stakeholders from civil society in defining more ambitious NDCs is necessary to improve strategies and to implement them in a transparent and participatory way. However, these stakeholders usually lack the resources to influence the implementation and improvement of NDCs. The project strengthens the stakeholders’ capacity to articulate and introduce their climate policy demands in the NDC implementation process. In the partner countries, the project supports selected organisations and groups to participate in climate mitigation plans, the drafting of climate-relevant laws for NDC implementation, and the discussion on ambitious climate policy. The project also wants to lay the foundations for the regular and systematic engagement of civil society in climate policy issues in the partner countries and to institutionalise the dialogue between decision-makers and other stakeholders.

State of implementation/results

    • Ecoaction held a side event at COP25 for the cooperation of grass root organizations in the planning of structural change in coal regions.
    • BUND and Climate Alliance Germany held a side event at COP25 in the German Pavilion on the question of whether the German coal commission is a blueprint for civil society participation in climate policy.… /
    • In October 2019 UfU held a workshop on civil society work in the context of the Climate Opportunity conference in Berlin.
    • A climate policy side event was held in the German pavilion at COP24 with representatives of partner countries, the German Climate Alliance and the German government in December 2018: t / fileadmin / user_upload_bund / publications / climate change / klimawandel_ndcs_policy_paper_englisch.pdf
    • GMG organized a NDC conference in Tbilisi to discuss climate policy with government as well as civil society actors and experts (Georgian ka / news / ndc). A proposal for ambitious climate policy developed by civil society actors was discussed with the participants.
    • The Green Movement of Georgia (GMG) organized a climate week in Georgia in autumn 2019 with participation of the Climate Change Department of the Ministry.
    • Political dialogue on national climate protection goals (NDC) with the Federation of Mayors in Georgia (January 2019).
    • Several training courses for civil society on the subject of climate policy and NDC held in 2019.
    • Initiation of a working group for networking among civil society actors on climate policy in Georgia (December 2018).
    • Foundation of a 100% renewable energy coalition in Ukraine (November 2018) – Participation in the working group to develop the 2nd Ukrainian NDC.
    • Thematic meetings with NGOs and experts (energy, mobility, waste, etc.) to set 2030 goals.
    • Leader of training for civil society and local government on 100% energy. – Publication of a guideline for local communities on the support of renewable energy.
    • Conference on climate justice and energy transition… BUND and UfU took part in a panel discussion on participation in the NDC process, November 2019.
    • Post-Extractivism Forum and workshop on the energy transition in the Caribbean region, July 2019.
    • Workshop during the summit of the Governors’ Climate and Forest Task Force (GCFTF) in Florencia, Caquetá, May 2019.
    • Workshop with state communities on Just Transition in Boyacà, April 2019 .

Project data

Colombia, Georgia, Ukraine

Implementing organisation:
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) e.V.

Implementing partner(s):
  • CENSAT Agua Viva (Friends of the Earth Colombia)
  • Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction - Ukraine
  • Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth - Georgia
  • Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen e.V. (UfU)

BMU grant:
2.589.103,56 €

07/2018  till  12/2021



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