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Supporting Iran in implementation of an integrated energy efficiency market

As of: June 2021

Energy is very cheap in Iran. This means energy-efficient technologies offer a very low return on investment. To create incentives for saving energy despite this situation, Iran has spent the last few years creating the legal framework necessary to establish a market for energy efficiency. This energy efficiency market aims to enable companies to increase their level of investment in energy savings by ensuring that the energy saved can be sold at a higher price than is currently possible. Various instruments are appropriate for this strategy—such as the issuing of energy saving certificates, for example. The project is helping the relevant organisations in the country to design an energy efficiency market, which can then be trialled by projects in the field. These projects focus on examining whether and how the new market mechanism can ensure a return on investment for energy efficiency.

State of implementation/results

  • New Policy Papers and Technical Notes are continuously published on the website, which serve as a basis for discussion with Iranian partners:… and…
  • Furthermore, newsletters on the background of the energy situation in Iran are regularly published on the website:…

Project data


Implementing organisation:
DIW Econ GmbH

Political partner(s):
  • Department of Environment - Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology – Committee for Energy Efficiency and Environment (CEEE)

Implementing partner(s):
  • Department of Environment - Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Iranian Fuel Conservation Company (IFCO)
  • Vize-Präsidentschaft für Wissenschaft und Technologie (VPWT)

BMU grant:
3.476.036,32 €

08/2018  till  07/2021


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