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Transformational project pipelines for NDC Implementation

As of: January 2021

To date, many countries have lacked a clear pathway to financing and implementing their NDCs. To rectify this situation, the project is building capacity in partner countries to ensure they have the resources and skills needed to develop innovation initiatives that will combine NDC implementation with public- and private-sector financing. Cooperation partners include finance and environment ministries, national development banks and national funds. The overall aim is to enable government partners to obtain climate financing from public funding bodies—and the Green Climate Fund in particular, with individual measures being tailored to national needs. Work being completed by the project includes country-specific analyses of options for accessing multilateral climate funds, the development of online tools for linking project developers to sources of financing and support for the establishment of institutional structures for NDC funding.

State of implementation/results


  • Fiji: Support for the establishment of two new platforms. On the one hand, the Drua Incubator is being set up to enable Fiji to improve access to disaster risk financing. On the other hand, the project supports the Commonwealth Secretariat in setting up a project development unit within the Ministry of Economy.
  • India: Cooperation with the national governments of Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu. An advisory group of experts has been established under the project to lead the work on climate-resistant bonds.
  • Guatemala: Cooperation with the Ministry of Public Finance. Support for an initiative involving several government agencies, including the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment, INAB and CONAP.


  • Snapshot of climate financing for Fiji published. It provides an overview of public funds and compares these investments with the country's declared climate goals. The snapshot is followed by a Climate Finance Country Program for Fiji, which aims to facilitate the country's access to international climate finance.
  • In India, the project is in the process of finalizing a resource mobilization strategy for Madhya Pradesh, a training manual on climate change mitigation for Sikkim, and research for a publication on India's National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC).
  • The project has published blogs and op-eds on a number of topics including: "Nature-based Solutions for reimagining the pathway to a sustainable future" (…); "Greening MSMEs" (…); "INSIDER: Funding Climate Goals: 3 Lessons from Fiji" (…) and "Navigating Converging Shocks from a Pandemic and a Cyclone: Lessons from the Pacific" (…)

Project data

Fiji, Guatemala, India

Implementing organisation:
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Political partner(s):
  • Ministry of Economy – Fiji
  • Ministry of Public Finance - Guatemala
  • NABARD - National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development

Implementing partner(s):
  • NABARD - National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development

BMU grant:
5.000.000,00 €

02/2019  till  01/2022

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