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Transformational Project Pipelines for NDC Implementation

As of: August 2020

Objective and activities

The project aims to build capacity to connect robust project pipelines that advance NDC implementation with financing from public and private sources of finance. Therefore it will work directly with stakeholders in Fiji, Guatemala, and India, including finance and environment ministries, national development banks, and national funds. The aim will be to develop the ability of these actors to access climate finance from public finance institutions, placing particular emphasis on the GCF. Where appropriate, the project will also provide assistance on how to tap capital markets for NDC financing. Activities will be tailored to national needs but will include, as relevant: Country-specific analysis of opportunities for accessing the multilateral climate funds, anline tools to help connect project developers with sources of finance and assistance with developing sound institutional arrangements for deploying finance for NDC implementation.

State of implementation/results


  • In Fiji, the project is working to establish a Climate Finance Ministerial Working Group to improve coordination on decisions related to climate change and finance in the country. The first task of the working group will be to serve as an advisory body for the creation of a Fiji Climate Finance Country Program, building off the soon-to-be-finalised Climate Finance Snapshot
  • In India, the project has created an Advisory Group of experts to guide our work in climate resilience bonds. The group, which consists of experts on climate resilience and finance, met for the second time in February 2020 to discuss project developments
  • In Guatemala, the project is supporting improved communication between the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environment, INAP and CONAP.


  • We have completed a first draft of a Climate Finance Snapshot for Fiji and conducted a thorough stakeholder consultation process on this draft, which has included bilateral conversations with all the relevant line ministries, donors, and non-profit organizations active in Fiji. The Snapshot provides an overview of public domestic and international funds invested in the country during 2016-2019 and compares these investments to country’s stated climate goals. The final version of the snapshot will be launched in May 2020. In Guatemala and India we are working on a variety of documents to be published in the second half of this year. At the global level we will be publishing a report on direct access to the Green Climate Fund in August 2020. The project has published a two-page brochure to more easily share information about the initiative.


  • The project had planned a number of events this spring, including panel discussions at Connect Karo and Adaptation Futures in India, and a stakeholder roundtable in Fiji. Unfortunately these have been postponed for the time being due to Covid-19.

Project data

Fiji, Guatemala, India

Implementing organisation:
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Partner institution(s):
  • Ministry of Economy – Fiji
  • Ministry of Public Finance - Guatemala
  • NABARD - National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development

BMU grant:
5.000.000,00 €

02/2019  till  01/2022

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