06/25/2024 | IKI Seminar | Cross-cutting topics

Building together the IKI Gender Community of Practice (seminar 1)

The IKI Gender Community of Practice (IKI G-CoP) is a format designed to support implementing organisations and enhance knowledge exchange and lessons learned regarding their experiences in implementing the IKI gender strategy and promoting gender justice within their projects. The IKI G-CoP is a regular and interactive event open for all IKI implementing organisations, co-hosted by the IKI Office and IKI implementers.

At our second event in June 20204 we want to give you the floor to meet each other and share your experiences, with a focus on developing and working with Project Gender Actions Plans. Ideally, a few projects from different thematic backgrounds could briefly present their core experiences.

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Building together the IKI Gender Community of Practice (seminar 1)
International Climate Initiative (IKI) 06/25/2024 | -

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