New online tool promotes networking and peer learning among IKI projects

Starting today, implementing organisations can now self-publish their events on the IKI website.

One of the core principles of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) is that projects should engage in networking and learning from one another. They should become successful examples of climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation, and their effects should be felt beyond the project itself. 

This approach is highlighted by the success factors for IKI project work listed in the “International Climate Initiative Strategy for 2030”. These factors include: 

  • Involving civil-society actors, promoting dialogue and forming progressive alliances 
  • Anchoring projects in partner countries 
  • Utilising wide-ranging knowledge 
  • International networking 

Events are the key to sharing good ideas and to networking 

One tool available within project work for implementing the above is the organisation of events. IKI projects organise conferences, workshops, discussion programmes, training, study trips and events in many other kinds of formats. These are aimed at a range of target groups, are held online or face to face, and are designed for attendance by local or international delegates. 

A new online tool: the IKI Event Calendar

To make the wide range of IKI events more visible to the IKI community and to help with event promotion, an Event Calendar has now been made available on the IKI website. Projects are invited to use this tool to enter their events and update event details independently. 

The Calendar is displayed on the home page as well as the events page on the IKI website. 

Calendar users can also have event schedules displayed in a specific time zone. In addition, the new tool also complies with the strict requirements set out by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Now it’s over to you! Have you planned any IKI events you’d like to publicise? 

The entry form for events as well as other information can be found here:  

Submission of events 

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