IKI online knowledge platforms

Here you will find an overview of online knowledge platforms that have been set up or assisted by projects funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) (sorted according to topics).

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions

The bigee.net platform informs users about energy efficiency options and savings potentials, net benefits and how policy can help achieve those savings. Targeted information is paired with recommendations and examples of good practice.

Green Cooling Initiative
The website provides access to a variety of research tools including extensive data on the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors as well as background information on green cooling technologies and markets.

Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PaTPA)
The website of the Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PaTPA, former MRV-partnership) is an information and learning platform used by members of the partnership and externals. Its main focus is on low emission development strategies (LEDS), nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) and monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) systems.

NAMA database
The NAMA database is a wiki containing information about nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) and related activities happening around the world. The participants are able to learn from the experiences of others and gain insights into how mitigation activities can be undertaken within the NAMA framework.

Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)
In its “Knowledge Center” the PMR website presents relevant studies, analyses, pieces of research, best practices and case studies about the topic carbon market instruments.

Transport NAMA Database
The transport NAMA Database is an interactive wiki-based portal that provides access to transport NAMAs that are at all stages from initial concept to implementation.

The NAMA Registry provides information on nationally appropriate mitigation actions that are seeking international support. It helps NAMAs to publicise their activities and to gain access to appropriate financial and technological support and capacity building services.

Adapting to the impacts of climate change

Adaptación – climate change adaptation in Mexico
The website serves as a platform for learning, dialogue and the sharing of knowledge, gathering together the most recent information in Spanish on the issue of adaptation in Mexico. The website contains, among others, information about the impacts of climate change, analyses of Mexico’s vulnerability to these impacts, as well as policy approaches for addressing these challenges.

The website provides information on methods used in the field of adaptation to the impacts of climate change and serves as a communication platform for decision makers, project planners and consultants.

Climate Impacts: Global and Regional Adaptation Support Platform (ci:grasp 2.0)
ci:grasp is a climate information service providing sound knowledge on current and projected climate stimuli, climate impacts and adaptation options at the national, sub-national and regional level.

Conserving natural carbon sinks/REDD+

CD REDD II - Capacity Development for REDD+ Establishing National GHG Inventory Systems
CD REDD II is a platform providing information on workshops, meetings and online training events that are run in the context of the IKI project. These activities foster the sharing of experience on the methods of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and their application in national greenhouse gas inventory systems.

GPFLR Learning Network - Discussion Platform Forest Landscape Restoration
The aim of this platform is to connect forest and landscape restoration practitioners worldwide, enabling them to exchange experiences and ideas on how forests, trees and their functions can effectively be restored.

The REDDX website is an online database on the reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) that governments and other stakeholders can use to track exactly where funds are flowing in the implementation of the REDD+ mechanism.

Conserving biological diversity

Panorama is a partnership initiative to document and promote examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics, enabling cross-sectoral learning and inspiration. Solution case studies are published and promoted on the Panorama web platform.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network (BES-Net)

BES-Net is a capacity building “network of networks” that promotes dialogue among science, policy and practice for more effective management of biodiversity and ecosystems. It includes a web portal as well as face-to-face capacity building activities.

“Biodiversity-Infotainment” for Children
This website is especially designed for children and aims to create an understanding on Biodiversity and its related topics amongst the younger generation.

Cross-cutting topics

GenderCCs Global Learning Platform
The Global Learning Platform is an interactive knowledge platform for the environment, climate change and gender communities.

Governance of climate funding
This e-learning site of Transparency International addresses the governance of climate funding. It offers several courses (in English and Spanish):

  • Introduction to the governance of climate finance
  • Climate finance - corruption and solutions
  • Market based greenhouse gas mechanisms - challenges and opportunities