Guideline | 10/2018

The Roadmap to a Low-Carbon Urban Water Utility

The Roadmap to a Low-Carbon Urban Water Utility, a legacy from the WaCCliM project, sets out to support water utility managers around the world in their efforts to improve performance and achieve carbon neutrality of their utilities while raising the awareness of policy-makers to the substantial contributions the water sector can provide in meeting greenhouse-gas reduction targets.

briefing | 10/2018

Digital Transformation and Resource Efficiency

Digital Transformation is advancing rapidly in the productive sector. Assimilating it represents a considerable challenge for many companies, but if done properly, it also offers great potentials.

briefing | 10/2018

Resource Efficiency in Infrastructure and Buildings

In view of the rapidly growing demand for infrastructure and buildings due to urbanization, tapping the available resource efficiency potentials in construction materials will be key for preserving natural materials and reducing greenhouse gas emission.

briefing | 10/2018

Resource Efficiency for Climate Protection

Improving resource efficiency is a key contribution to climate protection. The efficient and sustainable use of natural resources bears many potentials for climate protection. These opportunities could be used more effectively.

briefing | 10/2018

Resource Efficiency

The accelerating rise in the resource use that we are currently experiencing is a key driver of a wide range of interrelated social, economic and environmental challenges that will continue to intensify if no measures are taken. Against this background, resource efficiency yields environmental, economic and social benefits.

report | 10/2018

Solutions in Focus: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation from Mountains to Oceans

Ecosystem-based Adaptation is a topic of global relevance that is implemented successfully by various projects in a broad range of countries and ecosystems. This report illustrates the diversity of EbA in practice that can be found online at the "PANORAMA — Solutions for a Healthy Planet" platform. These solutions intend to inspire policy and decision makers as well as project developers, showing that EbA is being implemented successfully by a broad range of actors and organizations.

Guideline | 10/2018

Accounting of Nationally Determined Contributions

This guide provides structure to a possible process for drafting the NDC Accounting applicable to mitigation targets, expressed as the deviation from a GHG emissions trend baseline or base year emissions and, as such, is applicable to a significant part of developing and emerging countries.

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