brochure | 03/2017

Solar Heat for Industry

The brochure offers important facts and numbers on industrial solar heat in images and graphics. Investors’ profiles and comments are presented. The World Map of Solar Process Heat Specialists 2017 presents the growing number of suppliers. Simple integration schemes explain the basic use of solar heat in industrial processes.

briefing | 07/2016

Ecosystem-based adaptation: a win–win formula for sustainability in a warming world?

Many national and international environmental agreements acknowledge that the impoverishment of ecosystems is limiting the world’s capacity to adapt to climate change and that ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) approaches should be harnessed as a priority. This briefing highlights actions that need to be taken to increase the uptake of EbA in national action plans and ensure its proper implementation.

Factsheet | 11/2015

Championing Action Against Climate Change in South Africa

South Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change owing to its environmental and socio-economic conditions. The impacts of climate change affect almost every sector, including agriculture, water, health, trade, transportation, infrastructural development, tourism and finance. Extreme weather events such as droughts or flooding will be felt most strongly by the poor. In addition, South Africa is a major emitter of greenhouse gases. The country's dependency on domestic coal has resulted in a yearly per capita emission rate of approximately 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is 43% above the global average, making South Africa one of the 15 largest emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide and number one on the continent.

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