report | 06/2019

Transport in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

The publication gives recommendations to climate and transport ministries as well as donor organisations on how to increase ambition in transport Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Study | 06/2019

Entry points to support Collaborative Action

This is a booklet which highlights the key entry points that support collaborative climate action.

Study | 06/2019

The citywide mitigation potential for South Africa

A first ever report produced in South Africa which looks at the mitigation potential of cities in South Africa as opposed to the nation.  Through evidence-based data and indicative modelling, this report places a spotlight on the cities' mitigation potential in South Africa.

Study | 06/2019

Multi-level climate governance in South Africa. Catalysing finance for local climate action

This study emerged from the learnings derived from the project on multi-level climate governance catalysing transformative local action in South Africa.

Study | 06/2019

Iran: ODS and HFC Bank Inventory

The reported results are important to determine priority areas for ODS bank management and to set up appropriate policy measures.

Study | 06/2019

Greenhouse Gas Inventory of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Sector in Iran

The greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory provides a detailed profile of GHG emissions resulting from refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) in Iran and may serve as a basis for the further development of emission reduction measures in the RAC sector in contribution to Iran's climate targets.

Study | 06/2019

Moving towards next generation carbon markets - observations from Article 6 pilots

This study provides the first comprehensive overview of about a dozen ongoing Article 6 pilots supported through bilateral channels, regional organisations and multilateral development banks. It thus seeks to give readers a comprehensive picture of real-world initiatives trying to operationalise Article 6.

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