[Translate to English:] Pollinators protection

Study | 05/2020

Do we realize the full impact of pollinator loss on other ecosystem services and the challenges for any restoration in terrestrial areas?

This article (Christmann 2019) gives an insight, how pollinator loss can impact terrestrial ecosystems, human wellbeing and peace. 87 percent of flowering plants depend on pollinators (Ollerton et al. 2011) – but for the first time someone asks rigorously: what does this mean? Loss of pollinators would not only lead to loss of these 87 percent of flowering plants but also of the ecosystem services they provide. Simultaneous decline of all ecosystem services can induce severe environmental degradation causing interlinked poverty spirals endangering peace, in particular, as we do not know how humans would react to interlinked degradation. This is another question, this article asks for the first time. Pollinator decline therefore requires much more attention to avoid a worst-case scenario as the described Pollinator-Loss Syndrome. The article is among the 10 percent of most downloaded articles in Restoration Ecology in 2018-2019.

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