Photo: Julia Henrichmann

Tunisian brewery takes lead on energy efficiency

A Tunisian brewer is one of four big companies taking a hands-on approach to reducing energy consumption. Its initiative is part of a broader campaign to raise awareness of efficient power alternatives.
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A precious forest in the Pacific

Local clans in Emalu, Fiji, have chosen not to chop down their forest. They benefit from its products and may now also receive additional compensation under the REDD+ program.
The Democratic Republic of Congo

A medicine boat helps raise eco awareness

The World Wildlife Fund is supporting a boat that brings medical care to communities along the Congo River and its tributaries. It helps gain the trust of locals and raise awareness for conservation issues.
South Africa

Fighting the desert with sustainable farming

The indigenous Nama in the semi-desert in western South Africa are learning how to farm sustainably as soil depletion and rapid species loss threaten to turn their home into a full-fledged desert.

Eco-friendly transport in China

China has become one of the world's biggest economic superpowers. The country is booming, and personal wealth and prosperity are on the rise. But that has its drawbacks, too. More goods, services and people are on the move, and China's roads are becoming increasingly congested.

Protecting Sumatra's species

In recent years, logging, wildfires and poaching have eroded Sumatra's invaluable rainforests. Until five years ago, one tree after another was cut to provide wood for the booming timber industry. Now, the "Harapan Rainforest" team on the Indonesian island of Sumatra is fighting to save the rainforest.