A greener way to cook and farm in Peru

Farming in the middle of a desert comes with many challenges, as Vasco Masias knows well. At his farm near Chincha Alta in Peru, the owner of Grupo Aliment, a group of agricultural companies, has enlisted the help of his many chickens to transform the landscape. Masias no longer uses them only for the eggs they produce, he also makes use of their excrement. He mixes it with the chicken feed waste and applies it to the dry soil. The process has helped turn his arid farm into fertile arable land.

Palmiro Ocampo, a cook in the capital Lima, is also finding creative ways to be more environmentally friendly. He gets his vegetables from organic farms and uses all parts of the plants — including what others would throw away. Through his initiative CCORI:Cocina Optima he hopes to reduce food waste in other kitchens and restaurants in Peru.

Both Peruvians are using circular economy methods to put sustainability at the heart of what they do.

German development agency GIZ is implementing a project in which they advise the Peruvian Environment Ministry on how companies can embed the principles of circular economy into their businesses.

Among other projects, GIZ has carried out a survey with independent entrepreneurs like Masias and Ocampo so they can pass that knowledge onto others who want to follow in their footsteps.

Project aim: 'Green Economy Transformation' aims to establish a different kind of economy. Products should be reused, recycled and upcycled and kept in the 'circle of life' for as long as possible. This helps both the climate and local people.

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