Cape Parrots face shrinking habitats

The Cape Parrot endemic to South Africa is threatened with extinction. A little over 1,000 of the large, gold-green birds survive in the wild. Poaching, habitat destruction and an avian epidemic are all to blame. Bird researcher Steve Boyes is trying to reverse that with his "Cape Parrot Project" that focuses on captive breeding, caring for diseased birds and releasing cured creatures into the wild. Boyes is also trying to replenish native forests that provide a habitat for the birds and is working with the local population to set up artificial nesting grounds. The effort is also helped by a project led by Stephan Paulus within the framework of the German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). He supports the South African government in recognizing threats to the country’s biodiversity and helping develop timely policies to combat the problem.

A film by Cornelia Borrmann

Picture: Cape Parrot Project



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