Connecting Costa Rica's wildlife

Costa Rica is known for its incredible biodiversity and unique environmental policies. One of those policies is a mammoth effort to connect the country's many and widely scattered conservation areas using 128 wildlife corridors. Conservationists study animal migration routes to determine the corridors, which will enable animals, such as the three wattled bellbird, to safely migrate between forested areas. Each year, the bird with its bell-like call moves between the Caribbean lowlands, as far north as Nicaragua, and Costa Rica's cloud forests in Monteverde, where it nests. The journey is long - and the bird needs to rest along the way but branches are lacking between protected areas. International and local development agencies have to convince private landowners and farmers to forgo the use of parts of their land, so animals like the bell-bird can move freely from place to place.

A film by Joachim Eggers



6:08 Minutes


Global Ideas

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