Ensuring food security and seed diversity in Mexico's farming

Food such as maize and beans have long been mealtime staples in Mexico, integral to both local cuisine and culture.

Yet today many varieties of traditional crops around the world are replaced by those with higher, more profitable yields. Local non-governmental organization DAI is trying to raise awareness about the importance of crop diversity in agriculture and its role in food security. Through IKI’s Farming for Biodiversity project led by Rare, they are part of a network of 30 local champions campaigning for sustainable agriculture across the globe.

The project supports smallholder farmers in planting a greater array of seeds, learning new soil management techniques and returning to neglected indigenous crops. The hope is that this will increase both food security and local incomes.

As part of their mission, DAI works in the small village of Cardenas in Chiapas, one of the poorest states in the country. With support from the project, local women have created their own cookbook  which includes family recipes and promotes indigenous cultivation methods and ingredients. Not only is the project raising awareness of sustainable agriculture, it is also trying to increase the self-confidence of its participants and revive pride in local food culture and its history.

A film by Katja Döhne



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