Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze on Paris Agreement aniversary

On the 12 December 2020, the international community celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. In 2020, all Parties to the Paris Agreement called on to raise their nationally determined contributions (NDCs). With the NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative and the contribution to the Adaptation Fund, BMU will support developing and emerging countries in their climate protection efforts with 150 million euros. The funds will be provided over International Climate Initiative (IKI).

The NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative supports developing countries with particularly ambitious emissions reduction targets. Together with the UK Government, BMU will provide more than 170 million euros through the NAMA Facility Ambition Initiative to finance projects in these countries. BMU contributes 100 million euros.

In addition, BMU will support the Adaptation Fund with additional 50 million euros. The funded projects will support communities in regions particularly affected by climate change to increase their resilience and adaptive capacity to impacts of climate change.

Further information on the Ambition Initiative and the NAMA Facility.